Evaluación y asesoramiento para la mejor eficiencia y efectividad de la tecnología de apoyo. PID2019-104323RB-C33

Hemos recibido la resolución de concesión de la ayuda para el desarrollo del proyecto «Evaluación y asesoramiento para la mejor eficiencia y efectividad de la tecnología de apoyo» que desarrollaremos en cooperación con la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares y la Universidad de Sevilla.

Inteligencia Artificial y Tecnología Robótica de Apoyo para personas con diversidad funcional (AIR4DP)

Proyecto 1

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Mobile PLAtforms to Improve Disabled People INdependencE (AIRPLANE)

AIRPLANE is presented by the University of Alcalá (UAH). It aims to offer to the AIR4DP project advanced mobile technology solutions to improve the independence of people with functional diversity. We envision a new era of mobile assistive robotic platforms where all kinds of users can benefit from the latest advances in computer vision and AI.

Proyecto 2

Augmentative Affective Interface (AAI).

AAI subproject searches for a better human-robot experience by including remote monitoring and local wearable sensors to collect the subject’s physiological data for both emotional state detection and activity recognition

Proyecto 3

AssessMent and counseling to get the best efficiency and effectiveness of the Assistive TeCHnology (MATCH)

MATCH subproject is the complement to get the best evidence about the impact of assistive technology based on AI in the life of a person with a disability. The perfect match between person and technology can only be achieved through a complete assessment and monitor of the capabilities, needs, priorities, difficulties, and limitations that a person has in their life. Without these analyses, there is a risk that the technology does not adapt to the expectations of the person. The person in a short time abandons the project with the result of unnecessary expenditure of resources. So, it is relevant that within the coordinated project, a team with experience in evaluation, design, and outcome measures of assistive technology for people with disabilities is integrated in the consortium. TALIONIS research group works in a transversal way during the whole project to get a real perspective from the final user.

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