Observational Study About Sleep Quality and Its Impact on Daily Life of Nursing-home Residents. ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT04592796

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier NCT04592796

This study was carried out by Patricia Concheiro-Moscoso, Betania Groba and Javier Pereira and it has been published in ClinicalTrials.gov. The protocol ID is 2018/473.

Introduction: Poor sleep quality is common in most older adults. Because of the progressive aging of the population in Spain, there are more and more nursing-home and day centers, which give care to older adults. However, the attention focused on some difficulty related to sleep has not been thoroughly investigated. The use of wearable devices, which measure some parameters such as the sleep stages, can help to determine the influence of quality sleep in the health state among nursing-home residents.

Objective: To analyze the sleep quality and its influence on the daily life of nursing-home residents through the use of assessment tools and Xiaomi MiBand 2.

Methods and analysis: This is an observational and analytical study whose objective is the observation and registration of variables of a determined population without the intervention of the researcher and establishing relations between association variables and causality. It is also considered as longitudinal since the follow-up of some of the characteristics of the population will be performed during a period of time. The study is set in a nursing-home in A Coruña (Spain). Xiaomi MiBand 2 will be used to measure biomedical parameters and different assessment tools will be administered to participants for evaluating their sleep quality, cognitive state, and daily functioning.

For the statistical analysis, T-Test and ANOVA analysis will be used to compare the means between variables. Also, a Chi-Square test will be used to study the association of qualitative variables. Finally, a multivariate analysis of logistic regression will be performed to determine the variables associated with the presence of the dichotomous variable of interest.