Use of Wearable Devices to Assess the Impact of Stress in Workers’ Life Quality (SQoF-WEAR) Clinical Identifier: NCT04584021 Identifier NCT 4584021

Use of Wearable Devices to Assess the Impact of Stress in Workers' Life Quality


Introduction: Work stress has become more and more important in the last years as it affects both health and productivity of workers. In the last years, different wearables devices have started to be used to monitor stress at work to understand their consequences on daily life activity and sleep quality.

Objective: to establish whether wearable wristbands are devices capable of determining the work stress level of workers from a research center in Galicia, for which different variables related to the work stress level and quality of life of these workers will be evaluated.

Methods and analysis: The only inclusion criterion is to be a worker from a research center from Galicia. As for exclusion criteria, will not be allowed to participate those workers who are close to retirement ( <5 years), have health issues that hinder participation in the study, or present skin hypersensitivity or allergic reactions due to the materials the wristbands are made.

This is a pilot study to determine the viability, sample size, cost, and duration of the study. This is an observational, analytic, and longitudinal study. In other words, in this study different variables from the population of interest will be observed and recorded without any direct intervention, so as to establish causality associations between these variables. It is considered as longitudinal since a six-months tracking of the variables will be performed.

As for the statistical analysis, different tests will be performed to analyse the distribution, correlation, and association of the different features, as well as the significant differences between them at different points of the study (detailed below).